Enteronormin – probiotic for beekeeping

A healthy and strong bee colony is a guarantee of high productivity rates and profit for a beekeeper. That is why it is well worth to timely prevent diseases of bee colonies and strengthen their immunity. We offer you an innovative solution, developed by scientists – a multicomponent symbiotic, consisting of probiotic strains and a prebiotic growing medium together with positively charged Iodine ions and Selenium trace element. The major advantage of «Enterinormin plus Jodis+Se» is to domiciliary create a fresh and live drug without impurities by means of two components which are to be combined in 16-18 hours before use. Obtained symbiote allows you to maintain high efficiency of each of the newly created component and to achieve best results in treatment and prevention of diseases, immunomodulation and metabolic rebalancing in the bees’ body.


Treatment and prevention

It shows antagonistic activity against pathogens, therefore, it is recommended to be used for preventive and complex therapeutic measures for infectious and parasitic diseases.

Elimination of toxins

Can provide immune antisupressive defence against destruction and use of chemicals, facilitates neutralisation of free radicals and harmful substances formed during toxin decomposition.

Improved development

Enteronormin plus Jodis+Se has positive effect to development of bees, you will get a healthy and efficient apiary – resistant to diseases, stress loads and adverse factors.

Environmental friendliness

Living bacteria

The basis of the drug is a multicomponent symbiosis of probiotic strains: living cultures of Lactobacillus spp and Enterococcus spp beneficial microorganisms, Bacillus subtilis spp bacteria and growing medium.

Biologically active iodine

Water, prepared with «Jodis+Se», is enriched with positively charged ions of Iodine and Selenium, having antioxidant properties, shows anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.

Eco-friendly products

Enteronormin plus water «Jodis+Se» activation contains no prohibited substances or chemical compounds, thus don’t worry about sustainability and quality of the product received.

Еconomic feasibility

Prevention makes economic sense

With timely prevention, you protect the apiary from disease and destruction, which will reduce the cost of treatment or restoration of the apiary and ensure timely receipt of bee products.

Improvement of honey flow

The drug improves the performance of bee colonies. Add a preventive dose prior to honey flow and due to an increase in the number, activity, endurance and prolongation of bee’s life – an increase in the honey gathered is up to 30%.

Increase in bees number

Enteronormin plus water «Jodis+Se» activation is beneficial to use on breeding apiaries, because as proper use increases queen’s oviposit and decreases loss of bees after hibernation.